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Many people think of child custody as a rigid, court-imposed arrangement. Popular media often portrays custody as an all-or-nothing battle pitting one parent against the other.

Fortunately, that is not usually the case. In these economic times, when both parents are often working and both play strong roles in their children’s upbringing, there are many options for flexible custody arrangements.

To explore your options for tailoring an arrangement that best fits your family’s needs, contact a child custody attorney at the law firm of Stone Studin Young & Nigro Law Group, LLP.

Creative Solutions For Modern Families

Our firm enjoys a strong reputation for trustworthy and solution-oriented representation. Jill C. Stone has served as a court-appointed attorney for children in the Nassau County Family Court and Supreme Court for more than 16 years.

Ms. Stone draws on in-depth insight regarding the needs of children, as well as more than 33 years of experience as a family law attorney, to help clients navigate complex custody situations.

Skilled at trial, Ms. Stone is a tough and respected advocate in court. At the same time, however, she understands the reality that parents often achieve better outcomes by reaching workable resolutions outside of court. Our firm excels at developing effective strategies for achieving such resolutions. We can walk you through the many options for tailoring custody and visitation to your family’s unique situation.

Custody For Unmarried Parents

In New York, unmarried parents have the same parental rights as married parents. The custody considerations and process are generally the same. However, fathers must face the additional hurdle of ensuring that their parentage is recognized under the law.

At the law firm of Stone Studin Young & Nigro Law Group, LLP, we assist unwed parents with navigating these legal hurdles and protecting their parental rights. Whether you need assistance in paternity proceedings or legal counsel regarding child custody for unmarried parents, we can help.

Protecting Your Parental Rights

As a parent, you deserve to remain involved in your children’s lives. Not only do you need to spend adequate time with your children, but you are also entitled to have a hand in their upbringing and a say in major decisions that impact them.

As strong defenders of parental rights, we understand the importance of preserving your relationship with your children.

We also genuinely value your children’s well-being. We are strong proponents of the New York Children’s Bill of Rights, which aims to educate parents on how to minimize the harmful affects of custody disputes on children. We provide a copy of this document to each client.

Our lawyers can guide you through all custody-related legal issues, including:

  • Paternity petitions and acknowledgements
  • Custody agreements
  • Visitation schedules
  • Child support and other benefits for children

Custody Considerations

In New York, custody and visitation determinations are based on the best interests of the children involved. Many factors influence this determination, including:

  • The children’s emotional ties
  • The moral fitness and health of each parent
  • The children’s school and community involvement
  • The children’s preferences, if they are old enough
  • Each parent’s ability to provide a loving and stable environment

Contrary to popular belief, mothers are not automatically on better footing than fathers when it comes to custody. Both parents have equal rights to remain involved in their children’s upbringing. Shared custody is increasingly becoming the norm.

Additionally, we provide legal guidance for grandparents or other relatives seeking custody or visitation. We also guide clients through the process of modifying existing custody arrangements.