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“You were exactly who I needed to help me through this tough time. From our first call you kept it real. You were blatantly honest and you did not sugar-coat anything.” – Satisfied client


“Words can’t begin to describe how truly grateful and thankful I am to have had you completely devote your entire day to me… and I’m saying “me” because it was nothing short of that, truly thank you isn’t enough. I’m inspired by your diligence, intelligence and endurance. Your attention to me was nothing short of family. And thank you for initiating the division of the benefit plan, just amazing.”

“When I hired Jill to represent me, I was in the middle of a vicious custody battle. I felt discouraged, misunderstood, unheard and overwhelmed by the aggressive and intimidating opposing counsel. Not only did Jill give me peace of mind, but everything turned around on so many levels, and for the better. A suggested mediation led to more understanding and less anger between my daughter’s father and I. Jill fought for the best interest of my child, and left more light and kindness to be shared amongst two parents who love their child.”

“Jill is amazing! Thank you so much! Best attorney ever!”